Consulting service

The Anglo-Saxon term “consulting” literally means “advice given to companies”. Here at Bleu & Associés, we have decided to offer our consulting services because we are committed to advise our clients and give life to innovative projects, unique and memorable. For more than 20 years, we have developed our expertise on playgrounds and family areas, which is why we have the tools to allow both children and adults to dream.

We provide a sociological perspective within our assistance: the child and the family are at the centre of our mission. It is essential for us to think about the wellness of each person in depth, children and adults alike. Beyond the designs of the areas and the games, the environment and the atmosphere surrounding them are just as important. There is a true thought process conducted on the needs and the fears of each person, on the way that they could develop their senses and motor functions, their connection with one another, and the act of sharing and playing together. In order to create spaces where each individual will be able to feel comfortable, Bleu & Associés is committed to put themselves in someone’s else place in the aim of offering them the best experience possible. This reflection is the first step initiating the rest of our mission, allowing us to create a custom-made work suitable to each project:






Our complete and precise assistance allows us to reach a diagnosis and suggest an in-depth benchmark, in which we establish a market research and understand the envisioned target.

The customer journey and the storytelling are vital elements of our mission. It is crucial for us to allow you to dream, to answer your biggest wishes and to transport you through our assistance and propositions. We do our best to provide you with a precise piece of work, suited to your wishes and demands, creating a guiding thread that will please you and grant your wishes!

From beginning to end, everything is well thought-out in order for you to envision your project as best as possible. You will be guided and listened to, understood and privileged. This upstream work enables us to provide you a personalised assistance and a precise expertise, that will be reflected in the designs and unique areas created for you and for your customers.






Our role and our wish is to assist you in your project. Share our vision, transform your ideas into a reality, start from your inspiration and guide the conception. Bleu & Associés, a passionate and multidisciplinary team (consultants, designers and project managers), guarantees you a full turnkey and custom-made assistance. Our expertise in family and children’s experience conception and deployment allows us to guide you towards the most relevant choices and solutions for your project: the implementation of indoor and outdoor spaces and the integration of the playable approach and active design in the public space.

The goal of our consulting services is to offer you a complete supervision, a precise and suitable attentiveness, with a unique and sociological perspective that is our own, that we are continuously cultivating and developing, in order to create a project that will satisfy you and allow your clients to benefit from an unforgettable play and share experience.